Though a Software Engineer by trade, I always was a storyteller at heart. Back in middle grade, it turned out my heart was pretty spacious when, besides my passion for science and curiosity for the future, my history teacher made me fall in love with the past.

I used to come up with stories ever since I can remember, to make me fall asleep or help pass the time on long train rides. The first story I brought into the world was in the form of a comic. I was ten. I still have it and though the plot makes little sense now, at least it remained funny.

Drawing was never my forte, so I had to find another way to give life to my imagination, although a bit late, some might say. But since I started writing I found that my love for words goes deeper than simply reading them. Since my heart still had some room left, I had to follow this new passion, so I "went back to school", at Wesleyan University to be more precise, where I attended their online course on Creative Writing.

Over the years, I entered numerous fiction writing contests and, as in all aspects of life, I won a few and lost plenty. But what remains is that incomparable feeling of giving life to something, even if just a story or a fictional character.

Being of Romanian nationality makes me an English as a Second Language writer, currently interested in creating historical fiction. My words may be over-zealously polished and my worlds may be dusted, but the universal component you will find in all of my books is romance.

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